Source: Gateway Pundit 

Professional MMA fighter, Tara LaRosa on Sunday took a violent anti-Trump protester to the ground after the woman allegedly attacked another woman at a flag-waving rally for Veterans Day in Portland.

Ms. LaRosa is an ardent Trump supporter and used her MMA skills to take down a violent woman who claimed to be a professor.

“I’m a professor!!” the woman screamed as LaRosa pinned her to the ground.

The group of pro-Trump rally attendees detained the violent woman until the police showed up to the scene.

WATCH (language warning):

Tara LaRosa says she was injured when the woman bit through her sweatshirt, shirt and bra. She also has scrapes on her knees, says reporter Andy Ngo.

“I had to break up a fight & put her down till the cops came,” LaRosa said.

The violent Trump-hating protester wasn’t expecting to come face-to-face with a professional MMA fighter!