Has anyone been looking for a way to further indoctrinate their children to the leftist-socialist agenda?

Well look no further, because Senator Kamala Harris (D-Cal) has recently introduced a way to do just that… is anyone surprised?

From Western Journal:

California Sen. Kamala Harris’ new plan to help “modernize” schools appears to ramp up the public school system to even greater proportions, helping the government slowly take more control of children’s lives.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s Family Friendly Schools Act, introduced Wednesday, aims to keep schools open until a mind-numbing 6 p.m.

If you consider that most schools are already open for 6 hours a day, adding an addition 3 hours means increasing the time by 50%.

And how will schools do this?

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Kamala thinks the school should have more “enrichment activities,” perhaps like those that have already been instituted at libraries?

So exactly when are the students going to do the things that they already do in the after hours?  Like parent teacher conferences, music performances, etc?

In addition to the brutally long day, schools will also be responsible for putting on “full-day enrichment activities” during times when parent-teacher conferences or other events would normally close the school for students.

The bill also allocates over $1 billion for “enriching summer learning programs.”

With how disastrous the Obama-era Common Core curriculum has been for students, can students really afford three more months a year of that junk?

Since the nation can barely afford to pay for the school system as it currently runs, it has yet to be seen how Kamala intends to pay for it, as if she has a magic wand of unawareness.

But even if she could magically pay for it, would it even be worth it in the long run?

Not so, says the Western Journal:

Many public schools have sadly become indoctrination tools of leftist politicians eager to push their degenerate ideologies on unsuspecting youths.

Once prayer and Bibles in public school went the way of the dinosaur, things quickly went downhill.

In one public institution, a dad was shocked to find that the school not only ignored his wishes to not indulge his gender-confused daughter but actively encouraged her in her belief she was a male.

The concept of school as a moral guide for students — even those confused about their very identity — fits right in with the government’s ongoing attempts to replace the father in families.

But the schools do not act as a moral guide, but more often as an immoral guide.

The public schools have done a horrible job even even educating our kids, let alone trying to make them moral.

What would happen if we massively increase the amount of time they’re exposed to?

Harris’ plan may seem like a godsend for working families, but it only serves to put kids in government hands for hours more each day.

What the senator’s proposal offers parents as an alternative to expensive day care is the Department of Education. Is that really what we want raising our nation’s children?

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