County Clerks Revolt Against Law That Allows Illegals to Get Driver’s Licenses - RSS News Magazine

Source:  Dan Lyman

County clerks in New York are mounting a revolt against a law which will enable illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

The “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” is set to go into effect on Dec. 14th, but some county clerks say they will refuse to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and may even report applicants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the New York Times.

“If you come into my facility and you have done something illegal, it is my obligation to report you to the appropriate authorities, whether you’re a citizen or not,” said Allegany County clerk Robert L. Christman.

At least four county clerks have reportedly announced they do not plan to comply with the so-called ‘Green Light Law.’

“Although in most states the Department of Motor Vehicles is administered by state agents, in upstate New York these duties frequently fall on county clerks, many of whom are elected,” the Times reports.

“If they deliver on their threats, the clerks could face repercussions: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo could remove dissenting clerks from office or yank D.M.V. responsibilities away from their counties, which keep a small percentage of the revenue they collect for handling these services.”

Gov. Cuomo’s office reportedly declined to comment on the matter.

In addition to authorizing the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to foreign nationals illegally present in the U.S., the bill also seeks to restrict “what information can be retained and given out on those applying or holding standard drivers’ licenses.”