‘It’s understood that Kushner is so aggressive because the president has been asking him about it all the time…’

Private Construction Company Shows Lawmakers It Can Build Border Wall For a Fraction of the Time, Cost 1

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Trump administration officials announced that web cameras will live-stream construction of the border wall.

“There will be a wall cam, and it’ll launch early next year,” said a senior White House official working on a project to garner public support for the hundreds of miles of new border wall that Trump plans to have built before the 2020 presidential election, The Washington Post reported.

Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner offered the idea of live streaming border wall construction during a July meeting.

Americans will be able to watch construction workers fulfill one of Trump’s central 2016 campaign promises, despite the mainstream media’s narrative that he would fail to deliver.

The Washington Post reported, through anonymous sources, that the U.S. Army Corps and U.S. Customs and Border Protection asked Kushner not to set up web cameras so that competitors would not be able to observe their construction techniques.

The federal government still must acquire 162 miles of privately owned land to build the wall.

Trump put Kushner in charge of the management and messaging surrounding the border wall project, and since then, Trump has been eager to see pictures and videos of the wall’s progress.

“It’s understood that Kushner is so aggressive because the president has been asking him about it all the time,” an anonymous White House official reportedly told the Post.

The Trump administration has built 81 miles of the border wall, but most of that construction has replaced older, shorter fences with new, tall barriers.

CBP said 155 miles of new border wall are being built, with an additional 273 miles in the planning phase.

Kushner said the Trump administration’s goal of building 400 to 500 miles of new border wall before the 2020 election is possible, since he thinks the construction rate will increase from the current pace of two to three miles per week to about six miles per week next year.