Source: Jim Hoft

Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama holdover entangled in the Ukrainian 2016 election scandal, was fired by the Trump administration.

The fired Ambassador Yovanovitch was caught lying in her secret basement star chamber testimony.

Tomorrow Yovanovitch will testify in public before the Schiff show trial.

During her audition in the basement star chamber Yovanovitch accused FOX News personality Sean Hannity of playing a role in her firing.

It was a lie.

On Thursday night Sean Hannity warned Ambassador Yovanovitch that he will hire the “absolute best lawyers” in the country to sue her if she continues to slander him!

Sean Hannity: Now remember she’s the one who suggested that yours truly somehow played a role in her dismissal. I will remind her, THAT IS A LIE! And a complete fabrication. To be honest, until recently in that hearing when that happened, I don’t really know anything about this woman… That was a slanderous, libelous lie to say I was ever conducting a smear campaign against her… I’ll say it again. People better stop lying about me. Cuz I’m not gonna take it and I do promise you I will hire the absolute best lawyers in the country and I’ll spend the money whatever it takes.

Via Hannity: