There are more indications that sane people are fleeing the Democratic party in droves and according to pollsters, the impeachment party is on the cusp of a nightmare scenario.

Not only has 3 years of witch hunts, ginned up controversies, bogus scandals and hearings failed to put a dent in President Trump’s base, but his support also continues to expand.

Even worse news for Democrats?

Much of his new support is coming from the critical Latino, black and poor demographics which could be catastrophic for Dems in next year’s elections.

Impeachment is a virtual lock. His approval ratings are stuck in the mid-40s. And 2016 popular vote winner Hillary Rodham Clinton is toying with a repeat run for president.

So why is President Trump and the Trump-Pence campaign feeling confident of a 2020 reelection?

Because, according to pollsters, insiders, and election experts, Trump is expanding his base of Republican and conservative supporters to include more independents and minorities and attracting voters who are angry at Washington but who skipped the 2016 election.

“Everybody is doing incredibly well. The poll numbers are looking great, and the economy is doing wonderfully, and we’re executing our agenda successfully to bring the change that people voted for, and we are supremely confident,” said senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller.

At a time when the conventional wisdom in Washington, especially among Democrats, is that Trump is headed toward an easy and well-earned defeat in 2020, a collection of polls and contrarian views from critics who took Trump seriously early in the 2016 election suggest that he is in a good position.

Zogby Analytics pollster Jonathan Zogby told us that Trump is making solid inroads with new voters who feel good about the economy, including those in urban areas and the poor, traditionally part of the Democratic base.

“An interesting area where Trump has caught steam is among economically vulnerable groups. We categorize these groups as: lost a job, at a job that pays less, afraid of losing a job, and gone without food for 24 hours,” said Zogby.

As a certain former Democrat who defied the odds to win the presidency’s maxim of “it’s the economy stupid” became a bedrock political strategy, those running the party now are so crazed over losing in 2016 that they are setting themselves up for an even bigger loss in 2020.

What has to really sting Dems is that black voters are supporting the POTUS in greater numbers despite the party’s increasing reliance on raw racial demagoguery to keep them on the big Democrat plantation.

The Dems’ condescending and insulting insistence that black Americans have no other choice but to vote for them despite only giving a damn about their lives until after the votes have been counted is going to cost the party dearly.

A rising tide lifts ALL boats and the Trump economy has created the best job conditions for that particular demographic in the nation’s history and much to the chagrin of Democrats, black voters are unlikely to vote against their own economic self-interest.

Perhaps when what remains of the Democratic party is sifting through the smoking wreckage of next year’s election they will finally realize that they made a major strategic blunder.

Just like “it’s the economy stupid” Dems may one day get it through their dense skulls that “you can’t eat impeachment.”