It’s no secret that the Drudge Report as gone far left.
The mission of The Drudge Report is the impeachment of Donald Trump and rule by wild-eyed Socialists.
Pretty disgusting.

On Monday Matt Drudge promoted this latest junk Ipsos/ABC News poll.

President Trump’s approval rating on Monday was 50%.

The Ipsos/ABC News poll says 70% believe the president was wrong to discuss the 2016 election and the Biden Crime Family with the president of Ukraine.

So, according to ABC News, 20 percent of Trump supporters this his perfect phone call was wrong?
Not likely.

This is why NO ONE trusts the fake news mainstream media anymore.

John Cardillo broke the fake news poll down further.

The poll was so flawed that it is obvious its release was only meant for one reason – To help Democrats in their sham impeachment probe.