CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - NOVEMBER 13: Live testimony of the House impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump is shown on a television at the Billy Goat Tavern on November 13, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. In the first public impeachment hearings in more than two decades, House Democrats are making a case …Source: Hannah Bleau

Support for the Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry is dropping and opposition is growing among independent voters, a Politico-Morning Consult poll released Tuesday revealed.

The poll, released at the beginning of the second week of the House Intelligence Committee’s public impeachment hearings, shows that public support for impeachment, particularly among independents, is dropping hard and fast.

The survey was taken November 15-17 among 1,994 registered voters and found that 47 percent of independents actively oppose the impeachment inquiry. This figure is a 10-point increase from last week, as noted by the Hill.

Independent support for the inquiry fell to 40 percent – a seven-point drop.

Overall, support for the inquiry dropped by two points and opposition grew by three points.

Respondents across the board were asked, “Do you support or oppose the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump?”

Of those surveyed, 38 percent said they “strongly support” the effort, and another 38 percent said they “strongly oppose” it. Another 10 percent said they “somewhat support” the inquiry, seven percent said they “somewhat oppose” it, and eight percent indicated that they did not know or did not hold an opinion.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of respondents said they “strongly approve” or “somewhat approve” of the way House Democrats are handling the current impeachment inquiry, while 46 percent said they “strongly disapprove” or “somewhat disapprove.”

The margin of error is +/- 2 percentage points.