Eruption of underwater volcano near Mayotte continues, may badly affect Lake Dziani on Petite Terre


Eruption at a developing submarine volcano east of Mayotte continues and may contaminate Petite Terre’s Lake Dziani. The underwater volcano is the reason behind the seismo-volcanic crisis affecting the small island in the Indian Ocean since May 2018​. The crisis started with earthquake swarm that continued for months causing anxiety among locals until May 2019 when a new developing volcano was confirmed

An underwater eruption is officially underway as of July 31, 50 – 60 km (31 – 37 miles) east of Mayotte.

The seismic activity is centered at 5 to 15 km (3 to 9 miles) from Petite Terre at depths of 25 to 47 km (16 to 29 miles). It remains stationary with a high number of quakes.

544 were recorded so far from October 16, 2019, to October 31. The average seismic activity is 38 per day, with the recording of a clear recrudescence of seismic energy released.

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