Support for impeachment collapses among key independent voters

Bannon: 'Shift' In Disapproval Over Democrats' Impeachment Circus 'Pretty Amazing'


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon gloated Sunday over the Democrats’ disastrous impeachment hearings during the last two weeks, noting the dramatic shift in disapproval from independent voters.

“It’s been a tremendous reversal of fortune…As the Democrats brought to this nation the impeachment hearing and especially to broadcast TV and cable nonstop, you know the ratings on FOX were off the charts,” Bannon said on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Many of the independents and low information voters who are not on politics all the time came into the story. And it was a flop. Absolutely, if you see the numbers of independents and you see the shift over the last two or three weeks it’s been pretty amazing.”

Bannon explained that the case Democrats were building in their closed-door hearings essentially collapsed once Republicans got the opportunity to cross examine their “witnesses.”

“And this is what the president said,” Bannon continued. “It’s not – his call was perfect, he’s making a very strong point…And as you saw these unelected bureaucrats, and I’m not questioning their patriotism, but as they went up day in and day out, under the withering cross examination by people like congressman Stefanik, nothing came of it.”

“Vanity Fair went into a Politico-Morning Consult poll and the numbers are stunning. I think by 3-to-1 independents don’t know why we’re doing this. Impeachment ranked last among their interests, even lower than the wall which is not high for independents.”

“Adam Schiff did the president a great service this week by having these hearings and letting people see what’s going on,” Bannon added.

The public impeachment hearings have concluded and Congress has recessed until early December for Thanksgiving break.