Bloomberg will drop $34 million dollars on political ads.


Virtually no one in the United States wants Michael Bloomberg to be President.

But the delusional billionaire and former New York City mayor doesn’t care, pressing ahead in pointless, doomed vanity campaign and now dedicating a whopping $34 million in a national advertising buy that breaks the known record for a political campaign.

His ad buy is unprecedented in American politics. The closest example was a $30 million weekly ad buy by the Barack Obama campaign during the 2012 Presidential election.

Bloomberg’s ads will begin running Monday in all but two of the continental 48 states.

Bloomberg is running as a supposed centrist, hoping to oppose progressives such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez within the Democratic Party. But it’s unclear what policies and proposals he’s actually offering American voters, other than a staunch commitment to draconian gun control policies he’s spent lavishly to promote in the past.

Bloomberg is the second billionaire vanity candidate to enter the Democratic primary, having filed statements of his candidacy earlier this month. Tom Steyer, another progressive mega-donor, has been running without gaining significant support since July.

Bloomberg may break more campaign spending records during his late campaign. It’s possible the former wall street investor will spend up to $500 million of his money on his campaign. He’s the 14th richest person in the world.

In an era where uber-wealthy individuals such as Bloomberg are wasting massive amounts of resources in arrogant, delusional vanity projects, many conservatives have begun to reconsider their support of the laissez-faire economics that allow neoliberal oligarchs such as the former mayor to compile vast, unnecessary hoards of wealth that could be otherwise be utilized by everyday American families and communities productively.