Source: Gateway Pundit

Socialist Bernie Sanders gleefully said he will raise taxes on the poor and middle class in order to fund Medicare for all — which we know includes illegal aliens.

Bernie Sanders stumped in Salem, New Hampshire and told a crowd of liberal dolts that he would raise taxes on income over $29,000 to fund a government health care takeover — and the libs cheered.

“What we will do is have a 4% tax on income exempting the first $29,000,” Bernie said to cheers.

“You’re better at arithmetic than I am,” Bernie said. “Because what that means is if you are that average family in the middle who makes $60,000 a year, that means we’re gonna tax you on $31,000 at 4%.”

This also means that if you are at the poverty line barely making it every month trying to live on $30K-$35K a year for a family of five or six, you will still be taxed and forced to pay for illegal aliens.

The federal poverty level for a family of five is $30,170 a year and for a family of six is $34,590 a year.

Bernie wants to rob poor and middle class Americans to pay for illegal alien invaders.


Recall, every Democrat raised their hands during the first Dem debate when asked if they would provide ‘free’ healthcare to illegal aliens if they were elected president.