On Saturday, November 25, 2019, two boys in California were killed as they sat in a van in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Authorities reported that a number of gunmen fired on the vehicle and killed the boys, ages 11 and 14, outside of Searles Elementary School in Union City, which is 30 miles southeast of San Francisco.

Various residents called the police and reported hearing gunshots around 1:30 a.m., according to an East Bay Times report. Police arrived at the scene and found them with gunshot wounds.

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The police said that the older boy died when police came to the scene and the younger boy died while he was sent to a hospital. Their names were not disclosed because of their age.

“How do you just kill kids?” a mother of a child who was a schoolmate of one of the murdered boys, asked KGO-TV. “I don’t think he has quite grasped this yet,” she said of her son. “He is afraid to go outside.”

The New Haven Unified School District Superintendent John Thompson revealed that the two boys attended schools in the district.

KGO reported that family and friends erected a makeshift memorial at the school while police collected shell casings and other pieces of evidence for their investigation.

So far, no arrests have been made. Police are still investigating a motive for the shooting.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the shooting was gang-related or related to a previous shooting last Wednesday where two men were wounded.

While the gun control debate heats up in America, many are quick to overlook how California has been suffering a spate of mass shootings in the last month.

According to the website The Truth About Guns, California has witnessed 4 mass shootings— one where gunmen killed 4 people at a football party.

California is currently ranked in 47th place for Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners.