Source: Gateway Pundit

Democrats thought trashing the US Constitution, dissolving the personal rights of every American citizen and impeaching President Trump on a ham sandwich would lead them to the Chosen Land.
They believed their own lies.

And now the BOOMERANG is coming…

The latest polls show Americans did not buy what the Schiff Show-Trial was selling.
Democrats vote to impeach at their own peril.


A new Marquette poll shows support for impeachment has dropped in Wisconsin, as Trump leads four top Democratic rivals.

An Emerson poll published yesterday showed independents now oppose impeachment 49% to 34%, a reversal from October.

On November 19, 2019, it was reported Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s polling of suburban voters showed there was more support for dropping the inquiry than supporting it.


And even Democrats are losing interest in the Schiff sham.

The Hill reported:

Democratic voters appear to be losing interest in House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll released on Monday.

The number of Democratic voters who say they are paying close attention to the impeachment inquiry fell 5 percentage points to 73 percent in the latest nationwide survey.

The amount of independent and GOP voters who are keeping an eye on impeachment also saw a decrease. Fifty-nine percent of independent voters said they are paying attention to the inquiry, while 64 percent of Republicans say the same.

After holding steady at 70 percent in the past two surveys, the overall number of voters who said they are following the probe fell for the first time to 65 percent.

Unlike the prior surveys, the latest one was taken after Democrats held their first public hearing as part of their months-long impeachment inquiry. State Department officials William Taylor and George Kent kicked off the first round of televised hearings earlier this month.