Judge Averil Rothrock and Alrick Hollingsworth, who shot five people in downtown Seattle.

Source: Casey McNerthney

A man who shot five people in downtown Seattle in November 2016 – include multiple random victims – was given an exceptionally low sentence Friday by a King County Superior Court judge.

Judge Averil Rothrock sentenced Alrick Hollingsworth to nine years in prison — more than six years less than what prosecutors requested.

It also was more than three years below the standard sentencing range of 12.75 years. Prosecutors asked for the maximum of the standard range, 15.25 years.

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“The struggle in your community with gangs and gun violence matters to me — and our entire community shares responsibility for that struggle,” Rothrock said Friday.

Hollingsworth was identified as the gunman the month of the shooting, but was on the run for five months before turning himself in.

Hollingsworth — who was identified as Alrick Hollingsworth Jr. by police and Alrick J. Hollingsworth in charging documents.– also was given credit for time served on Friday, so he has about seven years remaining on his sentence.

Most offenders in Washington also have their time in prison reduced if they display good behavior while behind bars.

Prosecutors argued that while Hollingsworth has no adult criminal convictions, his willingness to shoot a victim at close range without concerns for potential death to bystanders should lead the court to have strong safety concerns.

Rothrock said the serious actions required a substantial sentence “for a young man transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.”

Hollingsworth turns 21 next week, on March 28. He was 18 when he shot the five victims.

“A standard sentence range is not necessary to give Mr. Hollingsworth an opportunity to improve himself,” Rothrock said Friday. “He will mature from a teenager into an adult while serving this court sentence.”

Rothrock said she believes a longer sentence is unlikely to promote deterrence, and doesn’t make frugal use of state resources.

Rothrock said Friday she believes Hollingsworth would be rehabilitated with the sentence below the standard range, and cited the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981 in her reasoning for the exceptionally low sentence – specifically section 9.94A.535(1)(e).

Watch Rothrock’s sentencing of Hollingsworth below. Follow this link to read previous coverage of Hollingsworth’s shooting.