After more misleading and unscientific claims against our articles by Science Feedback that aims to remove our reporting on studies and cases of vaccine injuries from Facebook’s newsfeed, the attack on journalism continues. Science Feedback’s work is directly involved in keeping information from the public, written by independent journalists, that tells stories the mainstream media will not tell you when it comes to vaccinations.

Their tagline states: “Accurate information is the foundation of a functioning democracy.” But as per usual, who is deciding what is accurate information?

Due to the actions of this company, our work is triggered on Facebook as ‘fake news’, we lose reach, impact and our ability to earn revenue. All because we explore a narrative the mainstream won’t explore or report on. So I decided to write a letter to the company being paid by Facebook to keep information from you.

Because the average reader does not work in the field of journalism, they are likely not aware of just how impactful a company like this is in affecting public discourse. They literally have the ability to act as the deciders of what is true or not, cut the reach and profits of an independent media website, and keep alternative perspectives from public discourse.  Does this make sense to you?

My letter to them is below. I will update you with how they respond. But they have NEVER responded to any of the emails we have sent them challenging their ratings of our content. Not once! But note, Science Feedback regularly attacks any person or company that credibly asks questions about vaccines and vaccine safety.

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