Goldberg is shilling for unaccountable federal bureaucrats.


Columnist Jonah Goldberg, who was a proud Never Trumper in 2016 that wanted to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton, published an op/ed in the National Review on Friday dispelling the notion of the deep state.

Despite the fact that unelected federal bureaucrats have been trying to reverse the 2016 presidential election ever since President Trump obtained office, Goldberg wants conservatives to forget about that and go back to trusting the FBI and CIA.

“The sort of coup that some on the right are talking about — which, if successful, would result in the vice president lawfully becoming president and Trump’s Cabinet staying in place — isn’t a coup,” Goldberg wrote.

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“It’s not particularly deep state-ish either, given that the people leading it are democratically elected legislators publicly following not just the rules but also the wishes of the people who elected them,” he added.

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Goldberg may be setting the stage to support the impeachment witch hunt against President Trump, as he continues to criticize the President frequently despite the incredible results he has achieved while being undermined by the fifth column in Washington D.C.

“Deep staters are now those who follow the rules in ways inconvenient to Trump’s personal desires or political ambitions. It would be too confusing to say that Trump is the real deep state operative here since he was lawfully elected,” Goldberg wrote.

Meanwhile, the New York Times now admits and celebrates the existence of the deep state, which they thank publicly for subverting the will of the voters.

They published this in October:

For the last two weeks, diplomats have been walking through secure doors in the basement of the United States Capitol, defying the objection of their politically appointed superiors as they answer questions from members of the House impeachment inquiry.

The inquiry itself began in response to a whistle-blower who raised alarms about the administration’s efforts to pressure Ukraine for political purposes. That whistle-blower is a C.I.A. officer who seems to be, like many of those testifying, a career civil servant.

The president and his allies have responded with fury. Those damning testimonials are part of a political vendetta by “Never Trumper” bureaucrats, members of a “deep state” bent on undermining the will of the people, they assert.

But what is this “deep state”? Far from being a tool of political corruption, the Civil Service was created to be an antidote to the very kind of corruption and self-dealing that seems to plague this administration.

While Goldberg may play naive about the deep state in an attempt to dupe conservatives, it is likely that he is pushing the same agenda as the Democrats. They want the coup attempt against President Trump to be successful, so Democrats can regain power, and neocons like Goldberg can retain their role as gatekeeper on the Right.