Source: Billy M – Nworeport

The United States job market performed far better in November than most analysts predicted, the Labor Department said in its monthly report Friday.

The department’s jobs report shows an addition of 266,000 jobs for the month. Many economists had expected an addition of about 187,000.

The new numbers are a significant rebound from October, when U.S. economy posted just 128,000 new jobs — a level affected by the General Motors strike, which idled 42,000 vehicle and parts manufacturing workers.

Despite November’s strong showing, the U.S. economy remains stuck in larger downward trend of slowing job growth. Roughly 2 million jobs have been added so far in 2019, representing the slowest growth rate for any year since the height of the recession in 2010. Last year, about 2.3 million jobs had been added by the end of October.