Source: Western Journal

Now that the wheels are starting to spin on President Trump’s plan to reduce the cost of prescriptions in the US, it looks like the fangs are coming out from those on the left.

And why?

Perhaps, because it might just work?

Regardless, he has seen the games of those on the left before and he is refusing to back down.

From Western Journal:

Drugmakers and Canadian officials are pushing back against a proposal from President Donald Trump that would allow Americans to buy cheaper medications from Canada, but there are no signs Trump is giving in.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has talked about the need for lower prescription drug prices. Last month, he said his administration was almost ready to kick off a pilot program.

“.@SecAzar and I will soon release a plan to let Florida and other States import prescription drugs that are MUCH CHEAPER than what we have now! Hard-working Americans don’t deserve to pay such high prices for the drugs they need,” the president said on Twitter. “We are fighting DAILY to make sure this HAPPENS.

“While we had the first prescription drug price decrease in 50 years, Americans still pay far too much for drugs — other countries pay far less — that is WRONG! We will soon be putting more options on the table.”

It is wrong.

When you consider that Trump has possibly found a way to reduce costs by up to 87% in some cases, you would think that everyone would be jumping on board, just like they were at first.

From the Washington Examiner:

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have suggested that importing cheaper versions of FDA-approved drugs sold in Canada is the answer to high drug prices.

Prescription drugs are generally less than half their price of their equivalents in the U.S., according to an analysis of a basket of drugs conducted by IHS Markit.

For example, PharmacyChecker, which verifies the legitimacy of pharmacies overseas, found that the anti-psychotic drug Abilify and the blood thinner Xarelto cost about 87% and 60% less in Canada respectively.

The Washington Examiner even showed that there were some Never-Trumpers that initially jumped on the bandwagon and tried to run with the idea:

Yet drug importation is an idea that traditional has found greater favor among Democrats.

In February 2017, Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Cory Booker of New Jersey, both now vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, introduced a bill with Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania to import drugs from Canada to lower prices.

Democratic representatives Elijah Cummings and Lloyd Doggett introduced House versions of the same bill. Sanders has pledged to begin drug importation on his first day in the Oval Office.

The population with the most to gain from drug importation plans is Medicare beneficiaries.

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Now keep in mind that the AARP supports it as well, and it’s not hard to see why as there are seniors who have to cut their dose in half or smaller when they have to choose between medication or food.

But now the media is suddenly turning on the “controversial” idea, claiming that everyone is against it, which is simply not true.

One can see why Canada would be against it, though, because it would surely drive up competition for their medications as much as it would drive our costs down.

This was evidenced by a statement made by Canada’s ambassador to the US, Kirsten Hillman:

“Canada’s priority is to ensure a steady and solid supply of medications at affordable prices for Canadians.”

I’m glad that Canada has enjoyed cheap prescription prices; I really am.

I’m also glad the the US finally elected a president who is NOT a politician, who can’t be bought off by lobbyists or otherwise.

Let’s see what Trump can do to let the free market work so that our seniors can actually afford to take their medication.