Sources: Manhunt underway for missing Saudi students after shooting at Pensacola naval base

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PENSACOLA, FL- We’re now learning that the Saudi student who murdered three people at a Florida naval base this week had hosted a dinner party the night before.  The purpose?  To watch videos of mass shootings.

The U.S. official spoke on the condition of anonymity to media outlets, and said one Saudi student was recording outside the building while the shooting took place.

He also told the media that 10 Saudi students are being held at the base and that several others are still unaccounted for.

Sources of Law Enforcement Today tell us that there’s an urgent hunt underway to find those other students.  We are working to formally verify that search, but officials are being tight lipped about the investigation.

According to U.S. officials, they’re still trying to determine whether it was motivated by terrorism.

But Florida U.S. Sen. Rick Scott calling the shooting — which was the second on a U.S. Naval base this week — an act of terrorism “whether this individual was motivated by radical Islam or was simply mentally unstable.”

More details have been pouring in with regard to the six Saudi nationals that were detained for questioning Friday at a naval air station in Pensacola, Florida.

Initial reports had indicated that a Saudi gunman had opened fire there, which wound up killing three people before he was shot dead by officers that were onsite, according to officials. Now it seems the gunman has been identified.

The FBI, who is overseeing the investigation into the shooting that happened Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, weren’t too keen on releasing details on the the identity of the shooter.