Source: Qronos 16


A new study delving into the true amount of BPA affecting humanity reveals that the gender bending chemical is far higher than first discovered. The DAILY MAIL reports “This study raises serious concerns about whether we’ve been careful enough about the safety of this chemical,’ Dr Hunt, a corresponding author on the paper, said. ‘What it comes down to is that the conclusions federal agencies have come to about how to regulate BPA may have been based on inaccurate measurements…..Instead, she and her team devised a way to assess the metabolites themselves – directly. What they found was alarming. Not only was the disparity between the indirect measure and their ‘direct’ on as wide as 44-fold, the higher the level of BPA, the greater the gulf between their measure and the one used by the FDA was. It has never been more important to protect your family and yourself from the suppressed toxicity plaguing the human species.