A debate about the gender of Santa Claus has broke out on Facebook after a mother in England posted that she had been shamed for not using a “gender neutral” name for Santa Claus.

The mother claimed in a viral post that she had been attacked for using the name “Father Christmas” to describe the bearded character.

Plymouth Live reports, that the “local mum says she was ‘shamed’ on a group on social media for discussing a children’s Christmas book and talking about ‘Father Christmas’ as ‘Santa is now seen as gender neutral’ and is many parents’ preferred name for the jolly character in the red suit.”

“The unnamed parent, who has a young child, says she has been left feeling ‘on edge’ since the comments picked on her and doesn’t want to offend anybody if saying ‘Father Christmas’ is ‘hurtful’ to someone,” the report continued.

The viral story has sparked a massive debate across the platform about Santa’s gender.