Chairman Jerry Nadler admitted in the preface of the House Judiciary Committee Report that Democrats are trying to change the standard of impeachment to fit their hysterical case against President Trump.

According to Nadler, previous reports on grounds for impeachable offenses in the Nixon and Clinton eras “remain useful points of reference, but no longer reflect the best available learning on questioning relating to presidential impeachment.”

The jig is up. The Democrats have now actually admitted—in writing—that their pathetic and unpopular attempt at impeaching and removing a duly elected president is entirely out of step with the constitution.

Townhall report: The House Judiciary Committee Report was released Saturday and admitted two very critical points:

First, the Democrats are trying to change the standard of impeachment. They are literally changing the rules to fit their story.

Why, Jerry? Because you have no evidence for legitimate grounds of impeachment? This only proves that President Trump indeed does not belong in the ranks of Nixon and Clinton, where there was actually evidence of impeachable offenses.

Second, the Democrats are proceeding with impeachment against President Trump not because of any past wrongdoing which they have no proof of, but to “save the Nation” from Trump remaining in office. That is not a constitutionally permissible reason to impeach. That’s why we have elections. The American people get to decide who remains in office, absent clear evidence of impeachable offenses actually committed. We don’t impeach or convict based on a vague fear for democracy from the opposition party.

The Report, however, claims that impeachment exists, “not to inflict punishment for past wrongdoing, but rather to save the Nation from misconduct that endangers democracy and the rule of law.” This is not the standard for any legal proceeding in any context in the United States. We do not bring charges (even articles of impeachment) or convict based on the possibility of a future threat “to democracy” or otherwise.

The Democrats are totally failing. They have no evidence that genuinely qualifies as an impeachable offense and are now trying desperately to aggregate a lot of nothing (even going back to the dead Mueller Report) to try to force their end game of impeaching President Trump simply because they don’t want him to be re-elected.

Please, they are saying, don’t be sidetracked with facts and evidence and law and standards.

But this is precisely why America is not a nation of rulers but of the rule of law. The Democrats are trying to be the very tyrants they pretend they are fighting against. They are trying to manipulate our supreme law of the land and subvert the will of the American people who voted Donald Trump into office.

Thank God we are in fact a constitutional republic and have standards of law in this country!