She explained the smear campaign while appearing on the “Red Elephants” podcast.


Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin has been on the war path against Conservative Inc. in recent weeks, becoming a pariah among the controlled “conservatives“ of the fake Right.

She did not endear herself any further with the phonies when she made an appearance on the far-right “Red Elephants” podcast with Vincent James. James has been slurred by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a purveyor of “conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic beliefs and white supremacist mantras.”

During the appearance, Malkin explained how “America First” patriots are regularly demonized as anti-Semites for opposing the mass immigration agenda pushed by oligarchs like Paul Singer and George Soros who fund both major political parties.

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“When I first went on my book tour in September, the very first smear card that was played against me was that I was “anti-Semetic,” and all that this meant was that I had mentioned George Soros and the “demographics is destiny” agenda. That’s all that it took!” Malkin exclaimed.

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