Police raided home after underage victim escaped, reported sexual assault


Six men believed to be illegal aliens from Guatemala were arrested under suspicion of trafficking and sexually-assaulting a minor in Wisconsin, according to the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Police were alerted after a juvenile female called 911 on Nov. 28 and said she had escaped from a residence in Manchester, Wisconsin, “where she was being sex trafficked,” police explained in a statement to local media.

“Police executed a search warrant on Nov. 29 at W2964 County Line Road in Manchester, Wisconsin, where they seized multiple items of evidence believed to be connected to the assault of the juvenile. The warrant also led to the arrest of six people who all lived in the home,” Fox 47 reports.

The suspects, all males ranging in age from 28 to 40, are believed to be illegal aliens from Guatemala.

Evis Amabilio Garcia-Rivera, 31, is also suspected of trafficking the young girl.

Investigators discovered pieces of evidence which are “believed to be connected to the sexual assault of the juvenile.”

The men have not yet been criminally charged, but all are being held on cash bonds ranging from $20,000 to $50,000, police say.

The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigations continue to investigate.

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