This violent radical has been molding young Canadian minds.


An independent journalist from Canada has exposed a Catholic school teacher as an ANTIFA leader after he was doxxed in court papers and through an error in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) documentary.

Journalist Keean Bexte reported that Kurt Phillips leads the Anti-Racist Collective of Canada, a leading ANTIFA blog that helps foment left-wing terror and unleash digital lynch mobs on patriotic activists. He works as a Social Studies teacher for junior high school students at a Catholic School in Drumheller, Alberta.

Phillips’ identity was revealed after he was exposed in a court affidavit during a court case in Ontario. The testimony of a friend effectively exposed that he was behind the @ARCCollective Twitter account.

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“For many years, Kurt had run a blog site known as Anti-Racist Canada (ARC), and a Twitter account known as @ARCCollective, and he is widely considered an expert in Canadian far-right extremism because of his work in documenting the activities and historical roots of Canadian neo-Nazis and white supremacists,” the testimony from the affidavit reads.

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