Hundreds of videos of people dropping dead, doctors reporting mass deaths, armored vehicles and troops deployed

56 Million Quarantined In China As Evidence Mounts Communist Govt Covering Up True Death Toll & Scale of Pandemic


Reports and videos out of China show a horrific picture of the chaos caused by the coronavirus, with people collapsing in the streets, troops and armored tanks deployed, and panicked doctors warning of mass infections.

So far, approximately 56 million Chinese citizens have reportedly been quarantined in over a dozen cities across China, underscoring the sheer magnitude and scale of this pandemic.

If China’s official reports of 1,400 infected and 41 dead are accurate, they sure are responding with a heavy hand: shutting down whole cities, deploying troops, and closing thousands of public attractions across the country.

Numerous videos show people collapsing in the streets and hospitals overwhelmed with infected victims.

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