‘Fu*k your $2.75,’ was one of the slogans for the mass sabotage effort

Watch: Anti-Police Activists Destroy NYC Transit Property In Subway Fee Protest

Source: Infowars.com

An anti-police group in New York City called on activists to destroy Metropolitan Transportation Authority property across the city on January 31, in a bid for free public transportation.

On Tuesday, a group known as Decolonize This Place posted a video calling on activists to “link up” and “fuck shit up” on “J31.”

“We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family, and think of the ways you can move in affinity to build and fuck shit up on J31 all day long,” an anonymous activist says in the video. “The mood for J31 is simple: Fuck your $2.75. No cops in the MTA, free transit, no harassment period, and full accessibility. We hope that you come through and move with us on J31. Fuck the police.”

On Friday, the group’s Twitter feed was loaded with posts of activists who’d taken “action” against the transit authority by protesting, chaining open subway gates and tagging subway stations with graffiti.

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