‘Laws are just stepping stones for them on the way to gun confiscation just like what you see in Virginia,’ warns 2A supporter

Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Spreads to Michigan

Source:  | Infowars.com

Activists in Michigan are taking pro-active measures to preserve their gun rights.

In recent days several Michigan counties have passed resolutions declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, following an example set by local governments in Virginia.

Last Thursday, Lapeer County representatives voted 4-2 passing a resolution declaring the region such a sanctuary. On Tuesday, Delta County joined the ranks, becoming the fifth county to pass a similar resolution.

The number of gun rights sanctuaries could rise dramatically in the coming weeks, according to Delta County commissioner David Moyle.

“We’re expecting another 18 in the next week or two.” Moyle told WLUC, adding the resolution is mostly symbolic.

The Delta County resolution states “the people… affirm their support to the sheriff to exercise sound discretion to not enforce against any citizen unconstitutional firearms laws…””

While no gun control legislation is currently proposed, the passage of red flag laws in Virginia and other states, as well as Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s past support of red flag laws has put gun owners in the state on alert.

A 92 thousand-member-strong Facebook group named “Michigan for 2A Sanctuary Counties” is one way gun rights activists are mobilizing throughout the state.

“When we have the people standing up and representing what they want for their values, good things happen,” the founder of the group, Jeff Fuss, told a local NPR station.

Fuss described how gun control groups hide the true nature of red flag laws by claiming they target people who shouldn’t own guns, like the mentally ill.

“Nobody is going to be against a common sense idea like that,” he said. “It never comes from a common sense idea. Laws are different than ideas. And laws are just stepping stones for them on the way to gun confiscation just like what you see in Virginia.”

Currently eight out of Michigan’s 83 counties have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

Last month, citizens of Virginia – where 91 out of 95 counties adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions – and thousands of gun owners from around the nation turned out in full force at the state capitol in Richmond to protest red flag laws.