Source: Nicholas Fondacaro 

Moments after Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was declared the winner of New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, CNN’s far-left liberals like host and activist Van Jones were ecstatically gloating about how “this guy is on the march” just like President Trump in 2016. And they didn’t appreciate it when establishment Democrats such as former Obama advisor David Axelrod pumped the bakes by noting how well “moderate” candidates did by comparison.

Jones was the first panelist to speak after the race was called, and he wasted no time in praising the coalition Sanders had built and how he was on the raise:

VAN JONES: Listen, he’s on track. It is true that he is — he can get black support, he is winning Latino/Latina support right now. He’s got young support. He’s got an army of donors who are willing to— He and Bloomberg have inexhaustible resources because he can get – So, this guy is doing it and, listen, I remember when Trump was on the march and everybody kept saying, “Yeah, okay, so he won this time but, of course, he’ll be stopped, and let’s figure out what Marco Rubio is going to do or what somebody else is going to do.”

This guy is on the march. I think you’re going to see the establishment freak out and try to stop him, but tonight you have to give him credit. It is very, very difficult to pull off what he’s pulled off,” Jones declared. “He’s never actually been a part of this party but he’s transformed the party without joining it, and now the voters are coming with him.

Host Anderson Cooper then marveled at “the small-dollar donations” to the Sanders campaign, calling it “extraordinary” and “something we haven’t really seen.” Of course, that was a tee-up to former Sanders campaign staffer Alexandria Rojas, who proclaimed: “This is not some fluke. It is because of years of hard work and a movement that was led by, again, one of the most diverse coalitions of young people America has seen.

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