Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has emerged as an unexpected top tier Democrat contender for the presidential nomination after surprisingly strong showings in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

She has presented herself as a moderate amidst a field of candidates who are trending in a more radical direction to pander to the growing contingent of extremists in the Democrat base. Her strategic plan has paid off and given her a greal deal of momentum with two contests down, and 48 to go.

“It is easy to go after Washington because that’s a popular thing to do,” Klobuchar said. “[It] makes you look like a cool newcomer. I don’t think that’s what people want right now. We have a newcomer in the White House, and look where it got us. I think having some experience is a good thing.”

However, Klobuchar is anything but a moderate, and her past record has been atrocious, particularly pertaining to her support of the Somali invasion in her home state of Minnesota.

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