• The Facts:Neglect is abuse and can cause an underdeveloped brain in your child. Love, connection, attachment will do the opposite, and help your child’s brain grow in a healthy way.
  • Reflect On:Babies do not have the capacity to meet their own needs; they rely on their caregivers. Attempting to allow them to “self-soothe” will do more harm than you may be aware of.

Loving your child will physically translate into a larger, healthier brain than children who suffer from extreme neglect, abuse and trauma. It’s true that children need to be loved and supported and not just so they can feel good about themselves, but so they can physically develop the way they are supposed to.

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This is important information for parents to know, especially as there has been a debate over whether or not children, especially babies, should be attached with their mothers or if they should be left to ‘cry it out’ on their own, or ‘self-soothe.’ This goes beyond the child being independent and emotionally strong; it will impact how the child will develop physically into a healthy adult, and whether they will encounter mental health problems and addictive behavior as they grow up.

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