Image result for Pueblo police get report of 'demonic sounds' at restaurant

Source: Pueblo

Pueblo police were left baffled with a frightening tale early Thursday morning after responding to a South Side business where employees heard “demonic sounds” coming from a screaming woman.

According to a tweet on Twitter from Capt. Tom Rummel, at 3:30 a.m. officers responded to the McDonald’s near the intersection of Pueblo Boulevard and Northern Avenue.

Employees also told officers that aside from the screams, they heard someone speaking in a “strange language” and barking.

“They were so unnerved by the sounds that they said they wouldn’t be going back outside their building until after the sun came up,” Rummel wrote on Twitter.

Rummel said three officers searched the area, but “didn’t come up with the source of the disturbance.”

The investigation is ongoing.