Democrats' Impeachment Messages Mixed After Mueller Statement

Source: Fletch Daniels

With their ludicrous impeachment exercise, Democrats have forever destroyed impeachment as a political tool even as they ensured that it will get pulled out of the drawer repeatedly by their radical political progeny in the years ahead.  It took mere milliseconds following acquittal before the raging impeachaholics started fantasizing about the next round.

The latest round of impeachment hysteria was triggered by President Trump’s removal of the villainous Vindmans, the failed ambassador par mediocre, and other assorted swamp creatures.  Patriotic Americans wondered why it took so long.  Those with TDS reprised the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but instead of seeing witches everywhere, every word and action magically transformed into an impeachable offense.

First, you had the world’s most jealous husband, curiously crazy George, floating a trial balloon in the Bezos Impeachment Post.

Jake Tapper and Eric Swalwell followed that up by fantasizing at impeaching Trump over Attorney General Bill Barr stepping in to adjust Roger Stone’s obscenely unjust sentencing recommendation on the Impeachment News Network.  It’s notable in this case that it was the so-called journalist initiating the impeachment call, with hapless Swalwell just trying to keep up.  Why report the news when you can create it?

Impeachment fever is starting to crescendo again, even as Nancy Pelosi fights the urge to rip the dam holding back the quickly building crazy in half.

If normal Americans tuned out the last effort, imagine how seriously they will take the next go at it.  The “Hunter was a legitimate Ukrainian energy czar” impeachment, which was the equivalent of Caddyshack II both in narrative power and believability, was essentially copied from the failed Mueller investigation script.  The next impeachment will be something even uglier: a copy of a copy meant to both indict and distract from revelations likely coming soon from the Durham investigation.

There is a great line from the movie Multiplicity when a cloned copy of the main character points out to the real character why another clone is nuttier than a Pelosi.

“You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it’s not as sharp as…well…the original.”  True, but even more so when the original was the artistic equivalent of a Yoko Ono album.

When Democrat talking heads caveat conversations by saying Democrats don’t wake up each morning thinking about impeachment, chances are that they wake up each morning dreaming of impeachment.

Below are five key takeaways from the failed impeachment gambit as we head toward more of the same:

1. It’s hard to imagine a weaker or more disgraceful case than the last round, but stay tuned.  Every single Democrat in the Senate voted for a charge so comically weak that it could exist only under the blanket of protection deployed by a virulently dishonest national media.  The House charged the president and his team with obstructing Congress because they did not like that the White House’s team asserted executive privilege, something Bill Clinton did 14 times.  It is hard to conceive of a charge that could be any weaker, although trying to impeach the president for removing traitorous staff members might clear that low bar.

Executive privilege is a foundational protection built into U.S. separation of powers.  We have the Judicial Branch to decide these questions.  House Democrats were so sure that they had an ironclad case that they rushed to…not respond to the White House’s legal arguments.

If going to the courts to argue executive privilege is impeachable, then everything is impeachable, and high crimes and misdemeanors has no meaning.

If this weren’t a pure political exercise, that charge would have been decided 100-0.  It was so outrageous that even Benedict Pierre’s magical conscience could not vote for that one.  Yet not a single Democrat had the courage to vote against something so blatantly foolish and risk angering their rabid base.

2. Moderate Democrats are a myth.  There is simply no room in a party that has been hijacked by radical Marxists for moderate voices, which is why the differences between the Democrat candidates are defined more by style than content.  Today’s Democrat “moderates” will always vote with their party and against their constituents on key votes that matter to their party.  Joe Manchin is counting on West Virginians having short memories.  They won’t.  Should he elect to run again, this will be the vote that does him in, as he will never be viewed the same in West Virginia.

3. Doug Jones knows he is done.  He decided that it was more in his interest to maintain a strong relationship with his party than to save his Senate career.  Jones had the worst situation heading into this year’s election, trying to survive in beet-red Alabama with presidential election turnout.

His corollary, the Republican with the toughest uphill climb, is Cory Gardner in Colorado.  That once swing state, like Virginia, is getting bluer by the cycle.  Despite the tough environment, Gardner stood with the president against the bogus impeachment, likely figuring that his best chance of survival is to generate as much Republican turnout as he can.  Good call.  If he loses in November, it won’t be because of this vote, but a nod to math and the demographic transformation of the state.

Gardner’s vote was made slightly harder by Mitt Romney, who has the distinct honor of being the only senator stupid enough to vote completely against his political interest.  He clearly desires to fill John McCain’s vacated role as the “good” Republican who is trotted out and patted on his head by the national media after riding on the roof of their car.

4. Much of the media coverage has focused on whether the president learned his lesson from impeachment.  That’s backwards.  The right question is whether the Democrats have learned their lesson.  Based on the rising impeachment chatter being stoked by the media, they have clearly not.  President Trump will likely become the first president to be impeached multiple times.  If the president is re-elected and Democrats hold the House, they will almost immediately begin plotting another impeachment attempt, if it even takes that long.

5. The media are to blame since they created the environment for and demanded runaway Democrat impeachment trains.  It speaks to how far out on a radical limb the national media have wandered that in their circles, Jake Tapper, who is agitating for more impeachment, is considered a voice of sanity.  While impeachment has been destroyed as a real constitutional remedy, it has been normalized as a tool for Democrats to attack Republican presidents.  It is doubtful that there will ever be another effective Republican president saddled with a Democrat House who will not be impeached.  In fact, at this point, it would be more of an indictment for Republicans in that circumstance to not be impeached since it would mean they were not fighting for Americans.  Being impeached by today’s Democrat party should be viewed as a point of pride, since being liked and admired by the national media and their anti-American party is about as strong of a character indictment as exists in modern America.

Democrats aim to see how many times they can meaninglessly impeach the same Republican president.  It’s left to voters to throw them out if they want to end Groundhog Day.