The liberal broadcast networks did all they could to smear gun rights advocates who gathered in Virginia’s capital last month. They framed the advocates as terrorists, white supremacists, and generally violent. When they were proven wrong, they still invoked images of violence and lied about violence occurring. But on Monday, the hard work of those advocates paid off when an assault weapons ban was blocked by bipartisan opposition. Of course, the gun-rights agenda was not the network agenda, so it was ignored in favor of railing against Attorney General William Barr.

In a segment on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report, anchor Bret Baier led into the story by noting the “huge setback tonight for gun control advocates in Virginia. A bill to ban assault weapons in the commonwealth died in committee today because of Democrat defections in the state legislature.”

“Virginia has become ground zero in the gun-rights versus gun control showdown,” reported correspondent Doug McKelway. “That protest may have paid off today, as four moderate senators crossed lines to join a Republican minority to defeat a proposed assault weapons ban.”



McKelway added that despite other gun control measures passing in the state House, an assault weapons ban was a “bridge too far” even in this “solidly blue” state:

A spokeswoman for Governor Ralph Northam vowed the fight’s not over, quote, “We will be back next year.” Once purple, Virginia has turned solidly blue, with the Democrats controlling the governor’s mansion and both houses.

While the proposed assault weapons ban may have been a bridge too far, Democrats have won a string of eight gun control victories in the House, including limiting handgun purchases to once every 30 days, requiring background checks, allowing local governments to ban firearms in public spaces, and red flag measures to block sales of firearms to those who are a danger to themselves or others.

To make the defeat even more embarrassing, former New York Mayor and nanny state proponent Michael Bloomberg recently had a campaign stop in the state, where he congratulated the left on their victories. “It’s only been a month since they took office and already you’ve taken action to end our epidemic of gun violence,” he said.

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