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  • Diamond Princess confirms another 79 cases as quarantine ends
  • CDC questions Japan’s handling of ‘DP’ quarantine
  • UK tells passengers to stay aboard ship until it finishes planning an official evacuation
  • Video shows group who broke quarantine in Wuhan being taken to ‘reeducation center’
  • Russia “clarifies” ban on all Chinese: Says will allow some visas.
  • Markets climb amid optimism that China is moving to support industries harmed by outbreak
  • Puma, Adidas warn of virus-related hit in Q1
  • Taiwan, South Korea report new cases
  • The 2 Iranian COVID-19 patients reported earlier have died.

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Update (1115ET): The 2 Iranians who reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 have died, according to several foreign media reports cited by Reuters.

As we reported earlier, a health ministry spokesperson said both cases were found and isolated in the city of Qom, where the two were treated in quarantine. Their conditions were said to be relatively stable earlier.

Experts worry that Iran might have dozens more undiagnosed cases by now, even as Iran has applied ‘safety measures’ like temperature screenings at its airports. That hasn’t exactly been found to be the most effective measure to stop those infected with the virus from slipping through.

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Update (1025ET): Epoch Times’ Jennifer Zeng has shared some of the most startling videos gleaned from Chinese social media before the country’s censors can take them down.

And this latest one is no exception.

According to Zeng, the crowd of people depicted in the video are being herded into the “No. 2 Hospital of Wuhan Iron & Steel Corp” to be “re-educated” after they were caught walking the street without permission or an excuse.

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