Source:  Gateway Pundit

Tucker Carlson ended his show on Wednesday discussing the travesty of the Roger Stone trial.

Roger Stone will be in court on Thursday morning for sentencing from the corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a rogue, demonic anti-Trump activist.

Tucker Carlson did offer this hope to Roger Stone.

Tucker Carlson: President Trump could end this travesty in an instant with a pardon. And there are indications tonight that he will do that. In the last 24 hours he’s done the same for former police commissioner Bernie Kerik and for financier Michael Milken. Democrats will become unhinged if Trump pardons Roger Stone. But they’re unhinged anyway. What has happened to Roger Stone should never happen to anyone in this country of any political party. To Democrats as well, ever! It’s completely immoral. It’s wrong. Fixing it is the right thing to do. And in the end that is the only thing that matters.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight: