Captain Max Clark, commanding officer of the USS Nimitz, tells it is important his ship and everybody on it is kept safe from UFOs after the Nimitz carrier group had an encounter with a UFO in 2004

Source: Ryan Parry West Coast Editor On Board Uss Nimitz In The Pacific Ocean

The commanding officer of the US Navy supercarrier, the USS Nimitz, has revealed his crew has an ‘obligation’ to make sure the airspace is clear of UFOs.

In an exclusive interview with, Captain Max Clark said it’s important his ship and everybody on it is kept safe from Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) – the term for UFOs used by the Navy.

This comes just weeks after the Office of Naval Intelligence revealed the existence of a classified, unreleased video relating to the Nimitz carrier group’s 2004 encounters with a ‘Tic Tac’-shaped UFO.

The existence of the video was revealed in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by researcher Christian Lambright, and published by Lambright’s friend Paul Dean.

The video is likely the full version of a leaked 76-second video clip that the Defense Department admitted in 2017 was authentic.

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