A lot of supposedly recyclable garbage is shipped overseas

Recycling Is a Waste

Source: Moonbattery 

This won’t come as a big surprise, but it has been revealed that recycling is largely a waste of time and money. Via WUWT:

[T]he value of recycled materials has fallen dramatically in recent years because far too much unrecyclable material is put in the bins by the public and much of what is recyclable is contaminated with water, food, or other contaminates that make the “good” stuff unusable.

Waste disposal companies often charge “contamination fees.” In addition to the contamination problem, the value of recyclables is going down and cost to process them into a usable form is going up.

Processing, that is cleaning and sorting a load of recyclable material, has gone from earning a community $25/ton to costing the community $70/ton or more in many areas. …

Paper and metals, especially aluminum, are the easiest and most valuable materials to recycle, but if they are stained with food or left-over beer or soda, they are rejected and wind up in the landfill anyway. Wet paper, even wet with water, often cannot be recycled. …

Glass is still recycled in some areas, but most reject all glass currently because non-recyclable glass items and dirty bottles are too commonly placed in the bins.

A lot of supposedly recyclable garbage is shipped overseas.

China used to buy up to 70% of the world’s waste plastic, but they stopped taking it and this has caused the cost of recycling to go up dramatically. … Even Vietnam, Malaysia, and some countries in Africa are limiting their imports of recyclables. They would welcome cleaner recyclables, but the contaminated portion of the loads wind up in local rivers and in the ocean, where they are not only unsightly, but they affect the fish and can [cause] disease.

Processing recyclables requires massive amounts of water. Afterward, the contaminated water often finds its way to local rivers. Since most of the plastic shipped overseas cannot be recycled, it ends up floating around in the ocean.

Burning garbage is much better for the environment. Ash can be contained, pathogens destroyed, and valuable metals extracted afterward. Sorting and cleaning are not required. But as with nuclear energy, moonbats don’t approve of incineration for ideological reasons disconnected from reality.

But it’s not as if recycling serves no purpose. It has a religious function. For moonbats, it signals virtue. For everyone else, it is a constant reminder that we are ruled by moonbats and must make obeisance to their religion by going through the motions of their absurd rituals.

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