Couple threatened and drove vehicle toward pro-Trump children

Hate Crime? Teens With Trump Flags On Bikes Run Off Road By Couple In Car


An Indiana couple drove their car towards two teenage boys riding bicycles with pro-Trump flags and ran them off the road, according to police.

Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn Marie Smith, 18, are facing multiple felonies each over the July 22 incident.

The pair faces two counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness, both felonies, and one count each of theft and criminal mischief, which are misdemeanors.

Hobart Police Capt. James Gonzales said Perry-Jones and Smith allegedly swerved their car in the direction of the teens, who are twins, ran them off the road and threatened them.

Police say Snapchat footage provided the evidence needed to charge the couple.

This appears to be the latest in a long-running string of attacks on Trump supporters by individuals suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.