Mitt Romney admitted during a Munich Security Conference panel in Germany that President Donald Trump is “likely” to be re-elected on Friday.

Romney’s admission could be interpreted as a tacit admission that the Utah Republican was seeking to overturn the likely will of the American voter in the 2020 election. Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict Trump on Democratic impeachment charges, claiming he warranted removal from office for temporarily suspending foreign aid to Ukraine.

I can tell you I think it’s likely he will get reelected, not because he’s highly popular, but because I think the Democrats are not going to nominate someone who’ll be a very effective competitor.

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Romney’s answer when asked about Trump’s re-election chances seems to suggest he believes Democrats are going to nominate Bernie Sanders. Establishment conservatives such as Romney often tend to underestimate populist political figures such as Sanders in a similar manner that they did Trump in the 2016 election. (Romney did admit that he “did not predict that President Trump would become President Trump.”)

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