• The Facts:A whole foods plant based diet is far different from a plant based diet containing processed vegan foods. The benefits of this diet are huge even though still misunderstood.
  • Reflect On:Do you believe that mock meats and processed vegan foods are healthy because they are vegan? This is not the form of plant based diet we should be after for optimal health.

(Shireen KassamUniversity of WinchesterMany of the important benefits of a plant-based diet – particularly for climate health and animals – are well known. Yet despite the science being very clear, there remains confusion about the impact on human health.

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We have long known for example, that a diet centred around whole plant-foods – fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, beans, nuts and seeds – significantly reduces the risk of heart diseasetype 2 diabetesobesity and certain cancers. In fact, a low fat plant-based diet is the only diet to have been shown to actually reverse established coronary artery disease. It has also been seen to reverse type 2 diabetes, enable effective and sustained weight loss without portion control or exercise, and arrest the progression of early stage prostate cancer.

Here are five additional benefits of a plant-based diet that may surprise you.

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