Legendary punk rock musician Bob Geldof, who penned such hit singles as “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and “I Don’t Like Mondays,” said in a recent interview that he thinks President Donald Trump will be re-elected due to the failures of the Democratic party, which he described as “absolutely pathetic” and “a complete mess.”

The 68-year-old Irish rocker, who is lead vocalist of The Boomtown Rats, also expressed his views on President Trump, saying the president “has got fine populist instincts,” but is a “vulgar fool, and a very dangerous one.”

Geldof told The Daily Beast he thinks no one in the current field of Democratic candidates will be able to defeat President Trump in November because the party’s platform has become too radical.

“There isn’t a single candidate there who can win,” he said. “They need to stop this fucking health care for all, and climate reduction. That’s not going to happen, so stop saying it. I know young people want that, and they’re correct to want it, and America deserves it, but it’s not going to happen in the term of a presidency, and it’s not even aspirational — not when the other side operates the way they do.” – READ MORE