There are many, many more than three, but we have to start somewhere.

3 ways the coronavirus is being exploited by bad actors

Source: Scott Boyd

The Wuhan coronavirus is an opportunity. At least it is for opportunistic types who generally see the world as a playground for their machinations and a way to advance their agendas. The rest of us are sheep following where they point, but some of us try to step back from the flock to see what’s really going on.

There are three major ways plus dozens of minor ways bad actors are using the coronavirus as a platform for their version of progress. Before I get into those, let’s look at a couple of ways it’s being used but not necessarily by bad actors.

Smart players on Wall Street are going to make a killing off the coronavirus when the markets rebound, but that’s not because of some nefarious plan or bad actions on their part. They see the panic. They know prices will drop dramatically as they continue to do. They know there’s a bottom, and when that bottom is reached it’s clear skies for them to launch their money rockets. The vast majority of them can’t be blamed. The world gave them a way to make a ton of money, so they’re going to do it. That’s not them being bad actors. It’s just them being smart. Despite this, I’m seeing a lot of fingers pointed in their direction as if they’re pulling the strings to make the market drop. That’s just not happening. They don’t have that much influence.

Another conspiracy theory I’ve heard is that the coronavirus is being pushed by insurance companies as a way to prevent Medicare-for-All or its less-potent little brother, Joe Biden’s Obamacare 2.0, from being taken seriously. This is a ludicrous take and I won’t put much energy into it other than to say this: The health insurance industry will use its brute political force to stop bad legislation, but they won’t do so in a way that will harm them. They are not profiting off the coronavirus. It’s harming their bottom line tremendously right now and will continue to do so until it subsides.

The last big false finger-pointing is at Chinese scientists. No, I’m not suggesting the Chinese Communist Party was not completely in the wrong for keeping information back or manipulating the World Health Organization to save face. They’ve done plenty wrong, but one thing they didn’t do wrong was to have scientists engineer the coronavirus and unleash it on their population for… whatever reasons some are claiming. This is an absurd and dangerous perspective to spread. When this is over, China will be crippled economically and politically for years, even decades as a result. They didn’t do this on purpose. They were just stupid to cover it up when they had the opportunity to contain it.

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