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Media PANICS That Trump Will Cancel The Election Over Coronavirus In Unhinged Paranoid Ragebait. As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to spark harsh reactions, quarantines, and curfews media has begun speculating that Trump will cancel the election or at least try too. While there has been consistent and decent reporting pertaining to the current global crisis many in media are getting slammed for fake news hyperbolic nonsense about Trump. Instead of focusing on what we can and should be doing many in media are taking the opportunity to smear the president. Democrats and Republicans have their disagreements and are working on bills to protect the American people and while they may not get it completely right now is not the time for partisanship and bickering. For media to come out with fear mongering insane political stories is not only irresponsibility it is outright unethical. Now is the time we need to come together to solve the problems facing us. But hey, Trump calls them the fake news for a reason