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Stephen Colbert is unable to let go of his Trump Derangement Syndrome, even as America faces an unprecedented crisis.

You would think an entertainer might want to try to help people by taking their minds off of their problems, but no.

Colbert needs to work out his anti-Trump dementia and forces his viewers to deal with it too.

Due to the pandemic, Colbert is doing monologues in his backyard with no audience. It’s amazing how much less funny he is without his audience of trained seals clapping along.

From Mashable:

Stephen Colbert criticizes Trump’s coronavirus ‘strategy’ from his home fire pit

Another day of social distancing, another glimpse of Stephen Colbert’s (very lovely-looking) house.

Yesterday the Late Show host was in the tub, but today he’s outside, sitting around the fire pit. And despite the measures in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), he’s still doing what he does best: holding the president to account.

“For weeks now, Trump’s been acting like coronavirus is no big deal,” says Colbert. “Even as cases mounted, he said it was under control. He told us to relax. He said warnings about it were a Democratic hoax. He said the infection rate would go to zero. He said it would miraculously go away on its own. Now that things are bad, he has a new strategy — and it’s his same old strategy.”

Colbert accused Trump of racism for saying Chinese Virus:

Is this really the best late night entertainment has to offer? How does this help anyone?


By the way, here are some important reminders:

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