Source: True Pundit

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh warned Americans Thursday during his broadcast of the Democrats’ attempt to use the crisis of the coronavirus as a means to “decapitate the U.S. capitalist economy”:

So, they’re seeing this as an opportunity to decapitate the United States capitalist economy. And they are salivating over it. For them, it’s the crisis opportunity of a lifetime to push through their agenda. Despite this, despite the fact that the facts show that it is capitalism and farmers and frackers and truckers who are saving us. People in many industries the left impugns and laughs at and makes fun of, they make fun of farmers, they make fun of people in flyover country, they make fun of people who make their living in the dirt, they make fun of people who take showers after work, they impugn all kinds of people in manual labor jobs. We would be able to survive this without them.

Limbaugh said it is capitalism that is saving the country today. The popular host observed, for example, that by reversing net neutrality, the U.S. saved Internet connectivity for emergency periods such as the one the nation is experiencing:

And, by the way, thank God for getting rid of net neutrality, because if we hadn’t gotten rid of net neutrality and if there were all kinds of these left-wing regulations on the Internet, it wouldn’t be up and running as it is today. Go to the U.K., go to the European Union, you’ll find out that the Internet and broadband service over there has been greatly interrupted in all this. Because they have massive more regulation of the Internet than we do.

Limbaugh criticized the left-wing media for joining with Democrats in portraying the current rise in unemployment as a failure of the Trump administration. – READ MORE