Masks must be worn where people cannot maintain safe social distancing.

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A new public health order voted on by council officials in Glenwood Springs, Colorado mandates citizens wear a face mask when they enter a shop, with the punishment being up to a year in jail.

The city’s public health order, which passed by a 6-1 council vote, requires people to wear the masks “when entering and while inside of a place or conveyance open to the public” and “for all essential activities outside of their home.”

The punishment for not wearing a mask is a fine of up to $1,000 or 364 days in jail.

City attorney Karl Hanlon explained that the order does not mandate residents wear masks when they leave their homes, but as soon as they encounter a situation in a public place where people cannot maintain safe social distancing, the masks become mandatory.

Face coverings such as bandanas and scarves can be used in place of medical masks because there is currently a shortage and officials don’t want residents to put a strain on supply.

Councilor Tony Hershey, who voted against the law, said it went too far.

“As a more conservative person, I can’t support micromanaging people’s lives,” Hershey told the Aspen Times. “To some extent we have to legislate… but this is a city council, we should do it in cooperation with the county government and with the state government and, yes, with the federal government.”

“This has officially gone TOO FAR. Insane,” remarked Robby Starbuck. “I support using masks to limit the spread but throwing a person in jail for a year over not wearing one is a gigantic overreach of power that tramples on the core values of America,” he added.