US Sen. Elizabeth Warren says there was 'some bias' at DNC ...

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has joined Democrat Party calls for relaxed voting measures to be introduced for the November elections, including scrapping the current requirement for voter ID and allowing certain voters to make a “sworn statement” about their identity instead.

On Tuesday, Warren formally joined other Democrats in demanding mail-in voting for the presidential election. Warren, however, is also pushing for a ban on updating voter rolls and is urging officials to allow eligible individuals to vote “with a sworn statement of identity instead of a voter ID.”

Sen. Warren outlines her series of proposals in a post on Medium.

The former Democrat presidential candidate’s measures include a requirement for states to mail ballots to every registered voter with pre-paid postage.

State officials must “waive absentee ballot requirements that undermine social distancing guidelines, such as requirements that absentee voters submit copies of their IDs or include a notary or witness signature with their mail-in ballot,” according to Warren.

Additionally, the failed presidential candidate is calling for a ban on cleaning voter rolls, stating, “Congress should ban states from purging their voter rolls unless an individual affirmatively requests to be removed or there is objective documentary evidence, such as an official record of death or affirmative change of address.”

While the far-left Senator is demanding mail-in voting nationwide, she also says in-person voting should be an option, albeit with key changes, according to Breitbart.

For instance, Warren wants to forgo providing proper identification and instead allow eligible individuals to vote “with a sworn statement of identity instead of a voter ID.”

She wants these many of these reforms incorporated in the next coronavirus relief package, calling for $4 billion to “ensure that states have the resources they need to successfully administer elections” and implement the election agenda items long pursued by Democrats.

Several senior Democrats have joined the chorus for relaxed voting measures in the November elections.