Pastor Prophesied 'Plague-like' Conditions This Year, Now Says This Passover Will Be a 'True Passover'

Source: Scott Slayton | Contributor

Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion ministries said late last year that the United States would see “plague-like” conditions for the first few months of 2020. Now, he says that as Passover approaches, Christians need to understand the blood of Jesus more than ever.

According to CBN News, Pierce, whose ministry is based in Texas, told CBN News in a recent interview that, “This would really be the year that believers would really have to understand Passover and that we will pass over!”

He continued, “What I saw is that at Passover this year, after this virus, after this plague-like condition was raging, that we would start turning, if we would participate in Passover. Now Passover starts Wednesday evening, April 8th and goes through Thursday evening, April 16th. Now, what we want to do is watch the turns that occur in this plague-like condition after that. Then, we have to remember there’s a 40-day period that God intended for them (The Israelites) to press on through and come into their promises. So, I believe the next 40 days after Passover is a pressing forth time for God’s people and if we press, if we grab hold of this Passover, the power of His blood, WE WILL CROSS OVER INTO NEW LEVELS OF HIS PROMISES.”

Pierce went on to say that he believes God is making believers take this year’s Passover as seriously as they did the first Passover. He said, “We have lost the concept of the blood. This Passover is important because we have to understand the power of the blood. Now, notice what’s happening here, God is making us do this Passover the way He did the original Passover. We’re having to go inside our homes, shut the door, a confinement, like He did the original Passover and He’s really forcing us to recognize the power of His blood.”

Pierce believes the word he received last September combined with the upcoming Passover is a reminder that Christians are not walking through this time of difficulty alone. He said in a recent video that, “I believe when the Lord said this in September that we would be going through a plague-like condition that we’d have to pass over and then we would breakthrough – I believe he is leading us in a way. I believe He is right here with us.”

Pierce provided a practical word for Christians to think about during Passover and Easter. He said Christians shouldn’t “put blood on our doorposts like the Israelites did.” Instead, he said Christians should, “Recognize the power that the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Spirit, left us.” He said that followers of Jesus should take Communion to remember the death of Jesus to celebrate promises He made and the union we have with Him. Pierce concluded, “So, what you are doing by taking Communion because the Lord says always remember me and take Communion, I think that’s exactly what the Lord’s looking for.”